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What is Cordilon and The Cordilon Group?

Cordilon is a label for multiple sites and projects run by members of The Cordilon Group and Cordilon's online community. Projects include the forums and community, the Cordilon Gaming blog, our game servers (see the forums), and our publishing branch called Cordilon Media.

Our forums are available here, at forums.cordilon.net. Some of the members of The Cordilon Group are listed on our Contact Us page. Summaries of our other sites are listed below.

Cordilon Gaming

Cordilon Gaming is our indie/modding/retro gaming news and review blog. The Cordilon Gaming staff produce new articles on all sorts of relevant topics daily, from popular Minecraft mods and new indie games to retro games and fan translations. Operating since October 2012, Cordilon Gaming is one of the newest additions to the list of Cordilon Group projects.

Cordilon Media

Cordilon Media is the publishing and multimedia branch of The Cordilon Group, and is the latest project to be formed by the Cordilon Group. Founded in 2012 with expectations of the then-upcoming Surreal RPG handbook and the novel Spark Within The Shadows, Cordilon Media aims to deliver quality print and multimedia content through both online and offline distribution.

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